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Secure your pc with (free) antivirus software

This page is about the need for antivirus software to secure your pc. Where your firewall software monitors exactly what goes to and comes from the internet, it doesn't prevent getting infected by a virus. Antivirus software scans all incoming files for a virus and prevents getting infected before the virus becomes dangerous for your Windows and personal files!


Free antivirus: AVG

AVG is one of the best free antivirus tools.

Free antivirus: Avast AntiVir Personal

Free AntiVir Personal has the disadvantage of the daily shown add.

Free antivirus: Avast!

Although Avast is one of the less known free antivirus tools, it is of good quality

Firewall software: secure your internet traffic

Firewall software is used to have control over the internet traffic. A firewall makes sure you are not visible on the internet, and if you are, nobody is allowed to enter without your knowledge and specific authorization. This makes your internet connection a lot safer.


Free firewall: Comodo Internet Security

The free Comodo Firewall Internet Security contains one of the best firewalls.

Free firewall: Zone Alarm Firewall

ZoneAlarm is one of the most popular free firewalls.

Ad-Aware and Windows Defender

If you notice something is wrong (eg slow computer, not able to remove start pages or toolbars, your firewall comes up with a sudden internet access by an unknown application), you need to do some cleaning if there is no system backup available. For this purpose a description of the tools Ad-aware and Windows Defender.

Removing unwanted software

This page describes how to recognize and (manually) remove unwanted software.

File encryption (AxCrypt)

By encrypting files they are no longer readable without the unique key or password, which keeps the information locked for others who don't have access to the key or password. This page describes how to encrypt with AxCrypt.

Safer and faster browsing the internet by replacing the HOSTS-file

The (video) adds shown on web pages are becoming bigger and bigger in file size and slow down the speed of browsing the internet. Because the website and the adds are downloaded from different servers, it is possible to block the adds by blocking the add servers. This saves a lot of bandwidth, which will result in faster browsing. The most simple way to achieve this, is by replacing the HOSTS file! By placing the web servers with malware into the HOSTS file as well, it will prevent the user from downloading malicious software available from those websites.

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